Every kid loves a good Easter Egg Hunt, right? Well now the fun will be celebrated with a Christmas twist- a Candy Cane Hunt!

Candy Canes
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The City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Department will be hosting the Candy Cane Hunt for children ages 3 to 10 on Sunday, Dec. 16, in Atkinson Park at the disc golf course.

According to The City of Henderson,

Parks Department staff will hide 10,000 candy canes for participants to find as well as grand prize candy canes. The activity is free. The start time for the hunt is 2 p.m. Santa Claus will be on hand to help hand out prizes.

Please have children present 10 minutes before starting time. Parks and Recreation Staff will be located in the parking lot by the barbecue shelter to provide help. Signs will be posted with directions.


Make sure you bundle up as it will be much colder than it is when the kiddos hunt for Easter Eggs. However, in case of rain or snow the Candy Cane Hunt will be canceled. Fingers crossed that the snow and rain will miss us that day!

For more information call the Parks and Recreation Department at 270-831-1274.

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