It's not often you hear that someone in Hollywood has decided to move to Missouri, but that's exactly what's happened regarding former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss. Oh, and it's all because of parrots.

You might remember Heidi Fleiss name from her time as a madam who was eventually convicted on tax evasion charges by the federal government. Those days are long past now and Heidi's passion is about care of the birds now.

Springfield's News-Leader reported that Heidi was coming to the Missouri Ozarks to set up a bird sanctuary. They say that she became unhappy with Nevada's treatment of her birds reporting that one of her macaws was shot with a BB gun.

Heidi believes that these birds should be allowed to fly free and not be locked up. She's shared her parrot passion on her YouTube channel, too.

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TV stations in St. Louis have done stories on Heidi's upcoming move, too.

The word is that Heidi's parrot sanctuary will be located near the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum. That would place it near Mayfield, Missouri east of Springfield located approximately here.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

That means there is a potential road trip in the future where you could road trip to a nearby Jesse James Hideout, Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum and stop by the Heidi Fleiss Parrot Sanctuary before you leave. A full day of entertainment.

It's a noble cause to try and help animals, so here's hoping Heidi can accomplish what she wants for parrots/macaws.

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