It's no secret that James Bond creator Ian Fleming based many aspects of his legendary fictional spy on parts of himself, but the trailer for the upcoming four-part BBC miniseries 'Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond' wants to believe that he actually was 007. Our new look at footage from the series has enough action and seduction to make it look like an actual James Bond movie, which should appeal to everyone except those looking for an accurate Fleming biopic.

The very capable Dominic Cooper leads the solid cast, but this 'Fleming' trailer doesn't do very much to get us excited. After all, even the most amateur Bond/Fleming historian will throw up in his or her mouth a little at some of the things happening here (especially the final gag, since the circumstances of how Fleming named James Bond are very well known to fans). Yeah, Ian Fleming worked for British intelligence before he was an author, but do we really need four hours of him dodging explosions, sleeping with gorgeous women and using gadgets? If we want that fix, we could just put on an actual 007 movie.

At best, 'Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond' could be an amusing diversion, but there's little here that makes us want to take it seriously. Hopefully, we'll be proven wrong when it actually arrives. Here's the official press notice:

Starring Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Devil’s Double) with Lara Pulver (True Blood, Sherlock), Annabelle Wallis (Hello Carter, The Tudors), Lesley Manville (Maleficent, Another Year), Anna Chancellor (The Hour, How I Live Now) and Samuel West (Mr Selfridge, Hyde Park on Hudson). Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond takes a no holds barred look at Ian Fleming, the man behind the James Bond legend whose real life was as exciting, eventful and sexually charged as his famous creation.

'Fleming' will premiere on January 29, 2014 on BBC America.

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