If you have ever fallen for a social media scam, don't feel bad, it's happened to me too. Earlier this year I fell for a fake request from Pizza Revolution.

This time, I could tell that the post being shared was most definitely from a fake account. The post promises free groceries from ALDI Fans. If you read the post, it is pretty obvious that a corporation did not write it. When is the 24rd on the calendar?

Hey everyone! I'm Jason Hart the CEO Executive Officer of ALDI store. This Christmas we thought we'd do something special for everyone who shares+comments by the 24rd as we know the past year has been difficult for a lot of you. Every person who does this will each receive a bag full of Christmas essentials such as crackers,turkey,potatoes and much more worth $40.(Sent next day delivery)we're also placing a $500 voucher in 1,000 random bags

Aldi Friends FB
Aldi Friends FB

Spotting a Scam

One big red flag is the missing blue checkmark on this account. In general, reputable accounts will be verified. This one was not verified.


As I was writing this article, I checked the official Aldi account, and they have confirmed that the 'ALDI FANS' account is a fraudulent account.

Hey ALDI friends! Looks like another Facebook scam is making its way around. We can confirm it is a scam and the page has no affiliation with ALDI. We're sorry for any confusion this may have caused!
We are working with Facebook to get the page taken down and we'd love your help: please share this post to help us spread the word, and always be sure to look for the blue check mark by our name for authenticity!
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