Evansville's Firehouse Subs has unexpectedly closed...however, there is some confusion behind this.  According to our media partners at Eyewitness News, a sign on the door of the East side says that the restaurant is temporarily closed and will be reopening soon. The confusion sets in when you visit the East side Firehouse Sub's Facebook page. There, you will see that it says the restaurant is permanently closed.

There is currently no word when or if Firehouse Subs will be reopening. You may remember back in October, the Firehouse Subs location on the west side also closed unexpectedly due to poor sales and a bad location, according to one of the restaurant managers.

I can only hope that the East side doesn't suffer the same fate. Their food is so delicous (especially their meatball sub)! The cool thing about Firehouse Subs is that it was started by a couple of firefighters, hence the name. Not only that, but a portion of its proceeds goes to providing lifesaving equipment to first responders around the country.

We will keep you updated with information as we get it.


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