HopeKids is a non profit organization that provides community and family support to  families that are dealing with childhood disease and life threatening illnesses. On Saturday you can help support these kids and the people who are lifting for them at Fitness World Day of Hope.

Powerlifters train for years to be strong, and compete in competitions, but a group of powerlifters from the Tri-State have found some kids who, while never training a day in their life, are even stronger than them!

Photo: Hilary Clark

My good friend Hilary is stuuuuuupid strong, like it's ridiculous how strong this woman is, and she competes in powerlifting competitions all over the U.S. but one competition will forever have her, and her husband Ryan's hearts.  It's called Relentless.  Relentless is a competition where the best of the best in powerlifting are invited to come, and compete to support HopeKids.  Instead of paying an entry fee and winning prizes, each lifter pledges a minimum $500 donation to HopeKids as their entry fee.

Photo: Hilary Clark

This year a group of powerlifters from the Tri-State area were invited to compete in Relentless, so they've made it a goal to do community fundraisers to raise their entry fees. Every dollar that goes to Fitness World's a Day of Hope on Saturday June 30th, will go directly to HopeKids.

Fitness World in Evansville is hosting A Day of Hope on Saturday June 30th from 9:30A-5:30P.  It will be a powerlifting competition, but most importantly a fundraiser. Lifting starts at 11, so if you want to see some impressive lifters, stop by around 11! It's $5 to stop in and watch the meet, also there will be food, music, a bounce house for kids, sidewalk chalk for kids, door prizes, a raffle, and a silent auction.  All of the money raised will go directly to HopeKids.

HopeKids is a non profit that helps provide support to families who are going through

Photo: Hilary Clark

dealing with childhood diseases and life threatening illnesses. HopeKids helps families who spend a majority of their lives in hospital PICU, dealing with surgery after surgery, and an endless schedule of medications, chemotherapy, and putting “normal” life on hold. HopeKids helps provide these families with days of retreat where kids can get out, and feel "normal" and have fun.  They give the kids and their families a break from the hospitals.  One of their biggest fundraisers each year is Relentless.

So if you're free stop by and show your support Saturday.  We've got a group of incredibly strong lifters from their area who have found a way to turn their passion of lifting, into a cause to help kids.

If you want to learn more about HopeKids, click here!