After a sign was left on one restaurant's doors, many in the Tri-State are curious on what happened to cause the establishment to close.

This image was the talk of social media last night. Crazy Buffet located on 701 N Burkhardt Rd was closed by the Vanderburgh County Heath Department. We confirmed with the VCHD "that after a routine inspection conducted on 10/31/17 the facility was closed due to unsanitary conditions found."

Good news for patrons of the establishment, Crazy Buffet is only temporarily closed. No word yet on when they will reopen.


Crazy Buffet reopened earlier today for lunch after being temporarily shut down by the Vanderburgh County Health Department on October 31. According to WFIE, Crazy Buffet had three prior warnings. One of which involved the storage of raw meat, and another for employees  not washing their hands when switching to different stations. WFIE also noted that all three of those warnings came this year and before that, they never had any issues during their 13 years in business.

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