The Evansville Police Department is alerting local restaurants and food service companies of a new scam where an individual poses as a member the Health Department.

The EPD released the information through their Facebook page.

The full post reads,

Scam / Fraud Alert

The EPD is wanting to make area restaurants or food service companies aware of an attempt to defraud these businesses.

A local restaurant was contacted by an individual claiming to be with the Health Department. They told the restaurant owner / manager that they are going to conduct a health inspection of the facility and that they need credit card information before doing so.

A similar scam has occurred where the thief tries to get money from a business by pretending to be a service company or a utility provider and they request money in some form of payment prior to conducting business.

If anyone receives any unsolicited calls of this nature, requesting some form of payment for a product or a service, they should get a name, a title, and a call back number from the caller to ensure that the call is legitimate.

If you, or someone you know is a victim of this scam, contact Evansville Police at (812) 435-6194.

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