The Pizza Revolution is packing up their delicious pies, and heading to Florida, to help feed those affected by Hurricane Michael.  They're asking the Tri-State to help! 

Pizza Revolution, photo by Sunny Richardson
Pizza Revolution, photo by Sunny Richardson

The Pizza Revolution is heading to Florida in 5 days to feed people who are displaced by the devastating hurricane. Their goal is to feed 1,000 people while down there! You can help them out by donating!

You can check out their Go Fund Me page here, $10 purchases 1 pizza, so for $10 you can feed someone in Florida.  If you buy 5 pizzas you can get a button.   If you buy 15 pizzas you get a button and exclusive The Pizza Revolution Florida tee! And of course the prizes go up from there!

Check out their video below, and donate to their Go Fund me, here! Let's show The Pizza Revolution that we appreciate what they're doing to help those in need!

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