It was reported after Evansville Hydrofest this weekend that hydroplane driver Cal Phipps' driving suit was stolen. Today, the suit was recovered but there's a much bigger story attached to the return of the suit.

According to the Evansville Hydrofest Facebook page,

GREAT NEWS! Evansville Police Department has located and returned U-27 WIGGINS H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Driver Cal Phipps driving suit! We have been working with Evansville Police Department, and through a phone call from a local resident we determined it is a homeless person, located them, and they willingly returned the suit. Folks, we need to have compassion for this person and their plight. They have no place to sleep or eat, and this suit would keep them warm this winter. Cal is putting together a package with warm clothing and other race related apparel that we will deliver to them. This person meant no harm and is just trying to survive. We thank the Evansville Police Department, the caller, and all who shared the message. Together, you helped us help Cal. There is good in this world. Thank you all.

If you are feeling generous and would like to help the homeless of Evansville, consider donating to a local shelter.

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