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You are a bipedal being (because you walk on two feet), so hop on your bicycle this Friday and ride it to work!  This Friday, May 16 is National Bike to Work Day and the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) wants you to pedal on down the road.  After all, LAB has just awarded Evansville an honorable mention on its Bicycle Friendly Communities list.  Celebrate Friday and ride your bike to work!

Even Mayor Lloyd Winnecke plans to ride his bicycle to work, although he admits, "It's a pretty short ride - it's four blocks, but I am riding Friday."  Easily done if the weather is decent since he lives just four blocks from his office at the Civic Center.

I think this bicycle riding thing to work is a fantastic idea.  Jenny, Emily, Elliot and I have had many memorable times as a family, not riding to work but riding for pleasure along trails all over the Tri-State area.  And although I'm encouraging you to ride your bicycle this Friday, I must admit that I won't be riding mine since it's a wee bit too far - 41 miles, one way.  Yes, for you regular bike riding enthusiasts, this would be a simple challenge that I'm sure you would be happy to meet, but for an out-of-shape middle-aged guy, I think I'll ride my quadra-tired vehicle to work and back home.  Especially considering the fact that 82 miles in total would most likely take me all day and land me in the hospital as a bonus.

Have fun Friday!