You've heard the old saying "no good deed goes unpunished" right? I never totally understood that, but I do understand how the best intentions sometimes have unexpected negative consequences. That's certainly not the case for this young, single mother.

Her name is Sara, a waitress at a Ruby Tuesday and a 22-year old single mother, still living at home with her mother - doing the best she can to provide for her son. She was inspired to help out a couple young service women she overheard talking about not getting paid during the Government shutdown. Despite barely getting by herself, Sara decided to buy their lunch. When Ellen DeGeneres heard about it, she decided to do something about it. Watch below to see what happened.

I see and hear so many incredibly sad stories everyday, and I just observe how people are to each other, and it makes me sad for the world - it really does. Whatever happened to just being nice to each other? I'm not even talking about buying someone's lunch - I just mean everyday common courtesy. Where has that gone? Then I see a story like this I start to think that there still might be hope for us yet.

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