Evansville citizens let their voices be heard!

Gavin Eddings

Dozens of protestors showed up to protest the highly controversial court decision to award 21 dogs back to their owner after a highly publicized case. Those in attendance were animal rights activists who support the local animal shelters and some have rescues themselves. Emotions were very high as many protestors were visibly saddened and horrified at the thought of the 21 dogs going back to, what woman described as, hell.

Protestors were disappointed to learn that Martha Crosley, the woman charged with animal cruelty, would not be picking her animals up from Animal Control this morning as was previously stated.

Animal advocate Missy Mosby, was informed by Animal Control that the 9 dogs that were being held at AC would be taken to a vet and then taken back to the church that they were seized from. Later today, the foster families who had some of the dogs placed with them, will go through the process of getting the dogs back to Crosley.

Gavin Eddings

The vet will weigh the dogs and log their health so that if (when) surprise inspections take place, they can make sure the dogs are being taken care of. This is such a tragic story and I really do worry about the animals in this case. Hopefully things turn out OK, but I don't have high hopes that things won't repeat. We will continue to update this as more information becomes available.


An injunction has at least temporarily prevented the return of the 21 dogs to Crosley.