The FTC recently announced that consumers who purchased a Mercola Indoor Tanning System will get a full refund. Your BBB brings you details of the case.

The FTC filed a complaint against Dr. Joseph Mercola and his two Illinois-based companies in April of 2016. Among other things, the FTC alleged that Dr. Mercola and the defendants falsely claimed that their indoor tanning systems were “safe, that research proves indoor tanning does not increase the risk of melanoma skin cancer, and that its systems can reverse the appearance of aging.” Here are some of the actual statements Dr. Mercola and the defendants made concerning their tanning systems:

  • “New Study Shows Tanning Beds Decrease Melanoma Risk”
  • “A Healthy Tan Will Actually Reduce Your Risk of Deadly Skin Cancer”
  • “[Researchers] found that increased tanning bed use was NOT associated with melanoma.”
  • Using the Sun for Skin Cancer Prevention”
  • “Forget creams and surgery—this puts collagen back to the surface of your skin to fill in wrinkles, helping you reverse the appearance of aging.”

Furthermore, in promoting the tanning systems, Dr. Mercola and the defendants claimed that “The FDA strictly controls the indoor tanning industry by setting standards for proper use of equipment—they have endorsed indoor tanning devices as safe.”

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