We have some bad news for coffee lovers who live or work in downtown Evansville, according to our media partners at Eyewitness News, White Swan Coffee inside WIRED have announced they are closing their doors for good. But wait! There is some good news.

The local coffee company opened a second location on Franklin Street across from the West Branch Library earlier this summer, and that will remain open. So you can still get your caffeine fix, you just may have to drive a little further to get it.

If you go, and you should because their coffee is awesome, ask for "Dante's Inferno." It's not on the menu, and hopefully White Swan founder and owner, David Rudibaugh can remember how to make it (I'm not sure how often he does these days), but it's a delicious mix of coffee (obviously), chocolate, espresso, steamed milk, cinnamon, and just a touch of cayenne pepper. It's amazing!


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