Evansville and its businesses have changed so much throughout the years, so let's take a stroll down memory lane to see if you remember what theses buildings used to be!

It's crazy to think about how much the city has changed since my childhood in the 90's. A friend of mine and I were discussing businesses that we missed in Evansville, so I thought this would make for a nice Throwback Thursday. See if you remember what these places used to be!


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    Hobby Lobby/Value City

    Do you remember when this building off of the Lloyd Expressway used to be the East Side Walmart? It closed down so that they could build the "Supercenter" that we currently have on Burkhardt Rd.

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    East Lloyd Commons

    Back in the day, this was known as K-Mart. I can remember going in there with my parents, grocery shopping, buying a Nintendo Game Cube, and eating at the Little Ceasar's Pizza inside what used to be K-Mart.

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    Does anyone other than me remember stopping by this location on Burkardt Road to enjoy Dog N Suds? It was a drive-in restaurant with some of the best root beer!

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    Grand Buffet

    Back in my day, we used to call it the Old Country Buffet! I will never forget going there as a kid getting some freshly sliced ham from the person wearing a chef's hat and pouring brown gravy on their mac and cheese...don't knock it until you've tried it!

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    Mike's Car Wash

    Every 90's kids knows that this is the former home of Putt Putt Golf! That place was so much fun...especially when they added in the bumper boats!

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    Big Lots

    Do you remember what used to be in the current location of Big Lots on Green River Road? If you guessed Target, you would be correct!

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    Before this building was occupied by JoAnn, it used to be the original home of Best Buy here in Evansville. We used to go there just so I could find new movies and music all of the time. Not that you still can't do that at the current Best Buy location.

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    Okay, so this building is the former home of Burlington and current home of Sky Zone. It's soon to be an At Home store. However, back in the 90's I remember it being a department store called Venture. I still remember my dad and I buying my mom a China cabinet from there when I was younger.

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    Former Abuelo's Building

    This building on Green River Road is currently vacant. It used to be Abuelo's, but those of use who remember the 90's know it as the building that used to be a Mexican food establishment known as ChiChi's!

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    Super Mega Replay

    Of course I had to add this to the list. I saved the best for last. Long before this was Super Mega Replay, it used to be every kids favorite place to visit in the 90's...Discovery Zone!