Dick's Sporting Goods in Evansville will be making a move away from its current location. We have the details.

Travis Sams


According to the Facebook page, Evansville 411, Dick's Sporting Goods is planning to relocate from the Evansville Pavilion to the East Lloyd Commons shopping center, on the other side of the Lloyd Expressway.

Dick's Sporting Goods will be moving into the building formerly occupied by Gordman's.

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Why the move? There are many factors in play for this move, literally across the street. However there is one factor that stands out. The new location will be 60,947 sq. ft., while the current location at the Evansville Pavilion is 45,624 sq. ft. More space means more inventory.

I have reached out to Dick's Sporting Goods to ask about an estimated move date and other information in regards to the relocation. As soon as I hear back from them, I will relay the message onto you.

Here's the original post made by Evansville 411.