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Sunday, August 6

LIVE with Dave Schrader
Guest: Bobby Hart

From the man who wrote the music that outsold the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in 1967-1968, Bobby Hart will discuss an exclusive glimpse into his life of extravagance, betrayal, loss, disillusionment, and an unstoppable personal struggle to find balance, peace, and love in the whirlwind era of free speech, mysticism, and psychedelic pop culture.

Guest: Henry Diltz

In the world of rock n’ roll photographers, there are none as extraordinary as Henry Diltz. The rapport he’s developed with his musician friends, along with his down-to-earth-grin and frequent laugh, enables him to capture the candid shots that convey a rare feeling of trust and intimacy with his subjects. Diltz will discuss his time photographing rock's biggest acts and how a $20 second-hand Japanese camera purchased on tour with the Modern Folk Quartet turned into photographic career with an album cover for The Lovin’ Spoonful.

Monday, August 7

LIVE with George Noory
Guest: Elizabeth Joyce

Born one of two sets of identical twins, Elizabeth has had her psychic gifts from birth. She has become internationally respected for her gifts as a psychic and energetic healer. She personally believes the credit should go to the Divine as well as to her guides and teachers. She will review her remarkable track record for predictions and her latest work on a new energy on the planet in the fifth dimension called the double helix which has been identified by the scientific community and NASA.

Guest: Byron Belitsos

Student of the Urantia Revelation for almost 40 years, noted author, editor and award-winning publisher Byron Belitsos will discuss the book of Urantia and its futuristic teachings, which relate to scientific psychology and to the world’s religions. He will get into how our evolving soul becomes an immortal vehicle of our true identity and how our soul-making decisions can lead to the development of a creative, loving, unified, and perfected personality, now and into the afterlife.

Tuesday, August 8

Live with George Noory
Guest: Craig Smith

Monetary expert Craig Smith will discuss predicting market cycles and how vital it is to be prepared for the unexpected in today's fragile world. Craig will discuss the dollar, the ups and downs of the financial system, and how to thrive in today’s economy.

Guest: Marshal Masters

Author, publisher, and former CNN science features news producer Marshall Masters specializes in Planet X and ancient prophecy research. He will talk about a new Nibiru observation he says offers a gold standard for authenticity, and a new Planet X theory he calls the Nemesis Cloud. According to Marshall, it scientifically explains the forty days and forty nights deluge described in the Biblical story of Noah and the Flood.

Wednesday, August 9

Live with George Noory
Guest: Charles R. Smith

Charles R. Smith, leading expert on cyber technology and implications on war, will discuss the current state of North Korea and the challenges it presents to the United States. Charles will also talk about computers, hacking and the economy.

Guest: Michael Rood

Former U.S. Marine, Michael Rood, dares to go where few men have gone before; to challenge long-standing traditions and man-made religious systems and to guide all ‘’who have ears to hear’’ to a historically accurate interpretation and rational understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures. He will discuss why September 23 could possibly the beginning of the great war in Israel which is the precursor to Armageddon.

Thursday, August 10

LIVE with George Noory
Guest: Alex Jones

Documentary filmmaker and alternative media activist, Alex Jones will discuss how he became consumed with exposing the forces controlling world events and how much of what he predicted is coming to fruition and much is yet to come. He will cover the changes happening in the media landscape and how the filtering of information is keeping the population in the dark about the matrix of technology that will control our every move.

Guest: Chip Coffey

Internationally acclaimed medium, paranormal investigator, writer and speaker, Chip Coffey will talk about the world of the paranormal and the common threads which unite the various anomalous phenomena all over the world.

Friday, August 11

LIVE with George Noory
Guest: Matthew LaCroix

Author and researcher Michael LaCroix published his first book after attending  Plymouth State University and has continued his work uncovering ancient history and philosophy.  He will discuss the secrets behind consciousness and the intelligent design behind reality itself, understanding our multidimensional consciousness, evidence for the lost civilization of Atlantis and its destruction, as well as symbolism and mythology from the ancients which manifests in modern civilization.

Guest: Steve Kates aka Dr. Sky

Astronomer Steve Kates, Dr. Sky, will discuss the upcoming August 21st ‘’Great American Total Solar Elipse’’. Dr. Sky will help us understand what happens, the proper way to view the sky, the spiritual aspect of the eclipse, and the impact of this once in a lifetime event.

Saturday, August 12

LIVE with George Noory
Guest: Open Lines


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