Daviess County, Kentucky, has been placed under a State of Emergency by Judge Exec Al     Mattingly to address some financial concerns the flooding is causing.

According to 14 WFIE, 100 sandbacks will be available per property and are available at the Emergency Management Operations Center. And, shelters are on standby if residents need to evacuate.

A State of Emergency does not mean businesses must close. Residents are advised to take photos and video of your flood damage and flood water on your property for insurance claims.

The Owensboro Fire Dept said in a statement on Facebook,

You probably have heard by now that Daviess County has declared a State of Emergency for the flooding and potential flooding. This declaration does not close businesses nor set a curfew. It does set forth an avenue for emergency actions and emergency purchases if needed.

In the City we are mostly concerned with flash flooding during strong storms on Saturday. Please do not drive, walk, or let children play in flood waters. Flash flooding can displace man hole covers that cannot be seen. Also flood water is dirty and can be a health risk.

If you see a hazard or are threatened by flood waters do not hesitate to call 911.

OFD is prepared with 3 boats that can be used for a flood water emergency in the City or in assistance to the County.

Sand bags are available at the Daviess County Operations Center on Highway 81.


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