It's been a rough few weeks for Cub fans and it looks like it could get rougher over the next 24 hours.

I'm writing this at 10AM on July 30th. Kris Bryant and Javy Baez are still members of the Cubs organization but that looks like it will change at any minute.

Two more cornerstones of the team will likely be gone before the sun sets on this day and Cub fans have already been through a lot. Mr. Cub 2.0 was traded to the Yankees after yesterday's game against the Reds.

He took some time to run around Wrigley Field one more time with his wiener dog Kevin.

If neither of those made a Cub fan cry then the goodbye video the team made for him will. This is a rough 3 minutes.

Cub fans also had to watch the team pull one of the biggest bone-head moves I've ever seen. EVERYONE knew that Kris Bryant and Rizzo were being traded. This was going to be their last game at Wrigley Field as a Cub. They were not in the starting lineup, which I can understand because you don't want injury. But to not let them pinch hit once or even announce them as pinch hitters, let them walk to the plate and then take them out without seeing a pitch, was a ridiculous decision by David Ross.

This was Kris Bryant after the game taking it all in. This was also sad.

So Cub fans are saddled with a billionaire owner in a major city that apparently doesn't want to pay his players the same salary other billionaire owners in other major cities are currently paying. It's not my money, Tom Ricketts can do whatever he wants. It's just literally pretty impressive how he can waste away the goodwill of bringing a World Series team to the Cubs in just 5 short years.

That was a lot and I'm sorry if it doesn't all make sense but I'm not really thinking clear right now.

It looks like Tom Ricketts is much more interested in turning Wrigleyville into a party atmosphere than turning the club into a dynasty. I have one idea that won't help the team at all but will inject a whole bunch of fun to the game.

These sweet bullpen carts.

I'm too young to really remember when bullpen carts were being used. The first time I really remember ever seeing them was in Major League when Tom Berenger steals the Indian's cart to chase down Rene Russo.

But they're bringing them back at the Olympics and they look awesome. The glove throne, chalk lines at your feet, and even a scrolling message on the front. The crowd would go nuts when <checks the roster to see who is still on the team> Dylan Maples takes a ride from left field to the mound.

It's going to be a loooooong couple of months on the north side, they might as well try to have some fun with it.

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