If you have never been to Bluegrass in Warrick County,  you are missing out on a beautiful full of lakes, trails, and more. However, in order to keep it beautiful, we must keep it clean!

I go out to Bluegrass Fish and Wildlife Area quite often. While there, I will fish on the banks of a few of the lakes, take my kayak out, or just soak in the scenery. It's the perfect place to be if you love the outdoors. Although, it's upsetting to see how people treat the area. People will leave their trash along the banks, in the fields, and even throw trash in the water.

That is why there will be a Bluegrass Fish and Wildlife Clean Up Day on June 1st at 8am. You can help by first,  stopping by Blue Grass Lake sign to pick up a volunteer sheet and a bag. Each volunteer sheet will have a map and a specific area to cover so that everyone isn't going to the same place. According to Friends of Bluegrass Fish and Wildlife Area:

We will be giving out Gold Stars for your volunteer efforts. Take a selfie of yourself with your star, submit it to the page and be entered in a drawing for a prize! If you need community service hours for school, or groups such as Boy Scouts this is a great way to help the area and yourself! Trash will be collected at the gate by the cemetery on St. John’s Road at noon and stars will be given out as trash is collected.


They also say that you must fill out a volunteer sheet for adults and children, as well. That is a requirement from the DNR of any organized event in areas like that. Let's get together and help make sure that this area remains beautiful. If you have any questions or would like more information on how you and your organization/group can lend a helping hand, you can message Friends of Bluegrass Fish and Wildlife Area here.



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