There is no doubt that the 2022 Oscars were one for the books. Especially, after comedian Chris Rock's joke resulted in Will Smith essentially publicly assaulting him on live television.

Here's The Oscar Incident Recap

Chris Rock was on stage at the Oscars when he made a joke about Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. The joke specifically was aimed at Jada's hair - or lack thereof. She suffers from Alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that can result in extreme hair loss. It's the reason that she wears her hair so short.

A moment after the joke has been made, Will Smith is seen walking up to the Oscar stage where he proceeds to administer an openhanded slap across Chris's face before strutting back to his seat, at which point he can be seen and heard telling Chris to "Keep my wife's name out of your f*cking mouth!" [Keep scrolling to see the uncensored NSFW video]

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94th Annual Academy Awards - Show
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My Unsolicited Two Cents

Not because you asked for it, but because here we are and I, like everyone else have thoughts about what happened the other night. I just happen to be in front of a keyboard, so here we are and here we go...

The Joke Was in Poor Taste

I know that Chris Rock is a comedian and I know that making fun of people is what comedians do but I feel like there are certain things that you just don't make fun of a person for and things like illnesses are one of them.

94th Annual Academy Awards - Show
Getty Images

A Better Way to Handle It

I was glad to see a man stand up for his wife after she was publicly disrespected. Now, do I think Will Smith should have hit him? No. Of course not. The situation certainly could have been handled a million different ways, including a conversation backstage that sounded something like, "Hey. That was really out of line and you owe my wife an apology." But clearly, that was not the route that Will Smith chose to take. He did however apologize after the fact. You can see a full, and uncensored clip of the incident below. Warning: NSFW Language

But It Seems to Be Benefiting Chris Rock

While the slap might have stung a bit, it definitely isn't hurting Chris Rock's Ego Death World Tour 2022 ticket sales. In fact, it is being reported that since the incident, his ticket prices have increased dramatically.

Where to See the Ego Death World Tour 2022

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