Sometimes while I'm working on homework, also known as browsing the internet, I find some pretty amazing things. However, right now, there is nothing better than Chris Pratt's Instagram account. Why? The reason is because Chris Pratt is so relatable in his new posts, aside from him being an absolutely gorgeous and famous actor of course.

In a little segment that Pratt has started doing called, “What's My Snack?,” he shares his snack for the day since he's currently on a calorie restricted, healthy diet for the new upcoming Jurassic World 2 film. Chris Pratt's reactions to eating the snacks are the funniest thing you've seen all week, I promise. Pratt video's himself opening, exploring, and eating the foods, as well as giving his hysterical commentary about look, taste, and texture.

Basically, Chris Pratt is on a diet and he's suffering just like a ton of the rest of us. If Chris Pratt can do it while getting ripped and running from terrifying dinosaurs, you can stick with your diet too. Check out the video below for three episodes of Chris Pratt's “What's My Snack?”! Also, you can follow Chris Pratt at PrattPrattPratt on Instagram.

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