Earlier today, AAA sent out a Tweet reminding drivers of the dangers of drowsy driving.


According to AAA, "Sleepiness slows your reaction time, decreases awareness and impairs your judgment, just like drugs or alcohol. People who are very sleepy behave in similar ways to people who are drunk."

We have all done it before, and while it's not a crime, it is a danger to yourself and other drivers. Be cautious when you're out. Wither you're returning home after a late night, or just didn't get enough sleep the night before, know that your drowsiness could have some serious implications.

Just to put it into perspective for you, The AAA Foundation recently did a study on the prevalence and impact of drowsy driving and the results are shocking. They found that 16.5% of fatal crashes have involved a drowsy driver.

You can learn more about these facts by clicking on the tweet below.

Know your limits, and be safe on the roadways!



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