Many homes in the Evansville area have elaborate Halloween decorations for you to enjoy, and there's a map that will show you exactly where they are.

Happy October! It's officially Halloween season, and many in the area couldn't be more excited. For some people, Halloween is like Christmas. They will go all out decorating their home with light shows, spooky decorations, and some even host haunted houses. My friend Jody lives in Greenville, Kentucky, and each year he puts out a massive display of Halloween blow molds and more. His house is one that everyone in the area loves to drive by each year.  My girlfriend is one of those people too. Our house is decorated for Halloween inside and out. We have a giant 10-foot-tall skeleton, among other things, in our yard that people stop and take photos of...and she still plans on adding more to our decor. There are folks like Jody and my girlfriend all over the Evansville area that spend a lot of time and effort making sure their homes are creepy and unforgettable. However, unless you passed by them all of the time, you would never know about some of these homes.

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A house with Halloween pumpkins and halloween decorations at Halloween night on a city street. Trick or treat.

Evansville Area Halloween Homes Map

The Facebook group, Evansville halloween lights/haunts just created a map that features these homes so that you can visit them yourself. Many people have submitted their homes to be featured on this map, and from the looks of some of the photos in the group, many have spared no expense to make their homes quite the attraction for Halloween. There are homes all throughout Evansville and the surrounding cities on the map. If you are one of those people who have their home extravagantly decorated for Halloween, you can submit your home to be a part of this map in the Evansville area in the post below:

You can check out the map for yourself, and tour the Tri-State this Halloween season to check out the spookiest houses in the area by clicking here. This is just one of two maps in the area that are full of homes decorated for Halloween. One map may have homes on there that the other one doesn't, so it gives you more options when scoping out the homes you would like to see. You can see the other map of homes decorated for Halloween from the group Halloween Houses of Evansville & Beyond! by clicking here.

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