More than 3,000 people were reportedly out of power across the central portion of Evansville earlier this afternoon. According to EvansvilleWatch, the CenterPoint Energy outage occurred around 2:44 pm.

Impacting a number of homes and businesses alike, the service was reportedly out for approximately 25 minutes.

A large power outage is currently taking place in the heart of Evansville. More than 3000+ customers are without power, including several businesses. NUMEROUS stop lights are out at major intersections in this area, use caution. (EPD is doing traffic control at a few intersections) EFD is currently extricating subjects that were stuck in elevators in at least 3 locations when the power went out.

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Before power was restored, people in the comment section of the post to social media were sharing their exasperation, with some even suggesting that the instances of power outages have increased since CenterPoint took over and replaced Vectren. Also in the comments were reports that Deaconess Mid-Town Hospital was without power, along with Cedar Hall Elementary School.

Perhaps the most common theme among the comments is the frustration over the proposed rate increases that Center Point recently announced. According to our friends with Eyewitness News,

If approved, the cost of the new facilities could add an average of $23 to each household’s monthly bill.

According to a tweet shared from the official CenterPoint Indiana Twitter account,

Outage due to equipment repair. All customers restored.

That announcement of power being fully restored to all customers impacted was made at 3:13 pm.

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