Like many people who are fascinated by beautiful fish, 37-year-old Jack Heathcote decided to bring an aquarium into his home.

Unlike many people, however, that aquarium holds roughly 4,800 gallons of water and takes up his entire cellar.

The aquarium is so big that Heathcote -- a Nottingham resident -- is able to dive into the water when it comes time to clean or feed. It's arguably one of Britain's largest private fish tanks and provides a home to two chainsaw doradids, a Red rail hybrid catfish, two alligator gars, eight giant stingrays, three two-feet-long Pacus, several Pangasius and two Fly River turtles.

Its specific dimensions are 12 ft. 6 in. by 12 ft. 8 in. by 7 ft., and cost roughly 6,500 British pounds, or $10,500. That price doesn't include the cost of fish or the high electricity bills.

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