Three Boonville Police Officers rescued a man who was drowning in City Lake in front of his children.   Officers Casey Miller, Trevor Winters, and Logan O'Bryan arrived on the scene Tuesday evening to find a man in the water distressed while trying to retrieve his sons' remote controlled boat near the fountain in the lake.

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The officers acted fast, jumped in the water, managed to calm the man down, and pull him to shore. Officers Miller and Winters were able to successfully bring the man (and boat) to the shore. Thanks to the quick thinking, and life saving skills, two boys were able to go home with their father Tuesday evening.

Warrick County Sheriff's Deputy, and husband to Officer Casey Miller, Derek Miller said it best:

Have to brag on my wife, Casey Chandler Miller for a second. I can't begin to express how proud I am of her and her partner Trevor Winters. They responded to a call at City Lake last night. When they arrived they found a man in the water. The man had swam out by the fountain in the lake to retrieve a remote controlled boat. They man was in distress and barely able to keep his head above water.

Knowing there was no time wait they jumped in the water and swam out to him, then were able to calm him down and pull him back to shore. We all bring different skills from our past to the job of a police officer. Casey brings years of experience as a life guard and from being on the swim team for many years. She put these skills to work so that two little boys were able to go home with their daddy. All because these two officers are solely responsible for preventing this man from drowning. Both are incredible officers and Boonville is lucky to be served and protected by officers like them. This action was above and beyond what their job requires of them, but doing the right thing sometimes requires you to do more then what is required.

I have to second what Derek said. These officers did more than protect and serve, they worked together to save a man's life. I commend them for their fast thinking and heroism. Our media partners at Eyewitness News, spoke to the three officers about the events that took place on Tuesday:

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