Think odd, paranormal activity in Utah is confined to the boundaries of the infamous Skinwalker Ranch? A TV crew is out to prove that wrong when Discovery debuts Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch in January 2021.

The ranch is situated just 12 miles from the Skinwalker site in Utah's Unita Basin.

A YouTube video promoting the sale of the property published in 2018 describes Blind Frog Ranch as a

160 acre tract [that] is home to some unusual occurrences. This property is known to have Paranormal occurrences, it is a HOT SPOT for Blue Energy and lighting strikes.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Series Description

Here's how the Discovery Channel previews the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, which is set to debut on January 1, 2021 on Discovery Channel and available for streaming on discovery+ when that service begins streaming on January 4.

Sitting nearly adjacent to Skinwalker Ranch in Utah – another area notorious for paranormal sightings and other mysterious activity – Blind Frog Ranch has drawn treasure seekers for hundreds of years. And now, Duane Ollinger has sunk everything he has in hunting for what he believes is a vast fortune of gold in the ground. But with each step Duane takes closer to finding the treasure, the land seems to hold on tighter, stopping him in his tracks.

With his money, resources and reputation on the line, Duane is hellbent on finding the truth and uncovering the treasure – no matter the cost. So, this year, he’s going all in and bringing on a team of people to help him: his son, Chad Ollinger, friend and retired Sheriff’s Deputy, Charlie Snider, and Eric Drummond, a renowned geologist who will help him map the faulted land. Duane and his crew will pull out all the stops – and heavy machinery – to find the treasure buried beneath Blind Frog Ranch, even if the land fights them every step of the way.

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Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Trailer

The trailer shared on the Discovery Channel's Facebook page points to the main themes of the series: lost treasure, unexplained phenomenon and the disturbance of Native American land.

Joining the ranks of shows like Curse of Oak Island and Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, what do you hope is revealed when we get our first look at the exploration of Blind Frog Ranch?

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