Think about all the plastics we use.  Take our plastic containers,for example.  From plastic baggies to plastic juice containers to plastic tubs to plastic cups...I could go on for pages.  Berry Plastics in Evansville is a company that provides us with many of those plastic products.  Now Berry Plastics is expanding into the insulated packaging market!

Berry has never produced these products that will insulate and keep things hot or cold, so it's a bold move and one that I hope is very successful.  The new product is called, Versalite.  One of the characteristics I like the most about Berry's new product is that it's recyclable (if the recycling center takes No. 5 plastic).

The Berry Plastics in Madisonville will reopen to manufacture the Versalite and will provide its new insulating product to large retailers that sell hot and cold drinks, then expand from there.  This is good news to local folks looking for employment opportunities.

This is, of course, along with the announcement that came a month ago regarding Berry Plastics expansion and addition of over 100 new jobs in Evansville.  Watch the announcement by Mayor Lloyd Winnecke below: