It's only appropriate that this video touches your heart.

A 15-year-old boy from Detroit named Trevor Sullivan woke up crying after heart transplant surgery because he was so happy.

The surgery took place last November, but Trevor's dad, Phillip only posted it last week on the Gift of Life Michigan Facebook page. The response? Overwhelming:

In the video, Trevor shows he truly appreciated the magnitude of what's happened:

I’m so happy. I’ve been waiting so long. I can breathe again, and talk, I feel amazing. This is amazing. I’ve never felt so good."

Trevor, who was diagnosed with heart failure last February after he was rushed to the hospital thinking he had some allergy problems, had to wait nine months before a donor could be found. According to his GoFundMe page, his heart was about double what it should have been for someone his age.

Trevor loves the clip that has made him a viral star. He told ABC News, "I really like the video, actually. I think it's really cool and I wish everyone in the world can see it because it really makes a difference. It promotes organ donation and people can see the outcome of it and how happy they really are."

Trevor must wear a mask for the next few months to keep germs at bay. But that's okay because it won't block his view of his goal, which he says is to promote organ donation.

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