When it comes to fireworks, a lot of us seem to have a love/hate thing going on. I love to watch fireworks. Wait, let me clarify, I love to watch professional firework shows, that are set off by professionals. We used to live literally around the corner from the Magic Kingdom and I always knew when it was 9:00 P.M. because I could hear the fireworks. So, I've never had a personal vendetta against fireworks until last night.

Every year people in our neighborhood known as Melody Hills spend more money on fireworks than I do on t-shirts! I'm talking the big showering kind like you might see in a professional show. I'm no officer of fireworks, but I'm pretty sure those aren't the kind an amateur pyro should be using. It's not my money, and not my business until it directly affects me.

About Last Night...

My family and I have a routine though the week, and usually, Sunday night means watching Family Feud and getting things prepped for the start of the week. Last night was different because I had taken Monday off, making it like a bonus Saturday. One more night to grill and play cornhole in the driveway.

I stepped inside to help Chase with something, and the next thing I knew, Doug was yelling that we have a FIRE!! Not like the game is lit or the grill was ready...FIRE!!

Doug grabbed our kitchen fire extinguisher and I followed him back out. In my head, I'm thinking 'This is fine, we have the extinguisher, it's fine'...The flames were taller than me (I'm short but a 5-foot flame is quite terrifying) The fire went down, but much like those irritating trick candles, it coming back!

The extinguisher was empty, so I called 9-1-1 while Doug went to find a garden hose. I sent Chase to get our neighbors, and to take Harlie to their house. Meanwhile, I'm dumping every bottle of water that I can find in the garage, just to try and keep the flames off of our house. The fire had started in a pile of dry brush and sticks, near our trash cans. This is up against our attached garage.


It didn't take long for the McCutchanville Fire Dept. to arrive. We are so grateful for them, especially since they were just about to eat pizza. Also, it was neat to see my friend Crystal and her husband jump into life-saving mode. I'm getting off track a bit, but we do owe them a pizza or 10.


We Didn't Start the Fire

Somewhere from the street behind us, a firework left the private property from which it was lit, and nearly burned my house down. So, as you are buying your MEGA SUPER ROCKETS this week, please reconsider just going to one of the professional shows that our community can actually put on this year. Just because you light fireworks in your own yard, during the legal times (This wasn't by the way) it does not mean that you won't hurt someone or you know, burn their house down.

Honestly, it doesn't really matter if certain fireworks are illegal to use. There have been and always will be ways for people to get their hands on them. What's the answer? I say we just go back to the simple days of sparklers.


Damage Low, Emotions High

I am so thankful that our different Sunday schedule had us outside. Honestly, we would not have seen the fire until it was in our house. I have no idea when we finally fell asleep, we were all pretty shook. Doug got up during the night to make sure it hadn't rekindled. So, from now until fireworks season is over, we will all be on high alert. Our entire backyard is full of dry limbs, an old shed, a wooden fence, and a deck. It's basically a firepit starter pack, so last night's fire certainly could've been worse.

This is where the fire started. At one point, I saw flames up to the window. This is our attached garage with both of our cars in it.

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I really want to thank all of our friends that have reached out. We are all good, just still on edge. I may or may not be patrolling our streets for illegal fireworks...My Superhero alter ego is Lady Liberty.

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