We here at WKDQ are always up for a fun way to help others, and The American Cancer Society has a really awesome event coming up that does just that!

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The American Cancer Society's Fire Truck Pull For A Cure takes place on Saturday, July 29th in the Eastland Mall parking lot at 1 P.M.  According to the American Cancer Society, the event is a teambuilding, fundraising, cancer-fighting event that pits your people against major tonnage, all for a good cause.  Teams of any size compete to pull the truck a designated distance in the fastest time.

How does it work?

Teams will rally together to raise money however they see fit. The funds that are raised are managed with the American Cancer Society  and their website for the event on the team page. The minimum amount of money that a team must raise is $400 to participate.

Event day:
1:00pm The event starts with Team Captain check-ins (collection of financial funds).
Event Kick-off and first drag. Maximum of five minutes between drag events.
Final drag and Closing (remarks, awards, collection totals)


For more details on the event and how to sign up, visit the links below:


(Information provided by The American Cancer Society)

The ACS Evansville Fire Truck Pull event is planned, organized and executed by a dedicated committee of volunteers in partnership with an ACS staff partner.  We hope to spread awareness of the American Cancer Society mission to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer and raise funds to support our mission.




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