Nothing says summer quite like having a few or five cold beers with some good friends while doing just about anything that involves the outdoors. And with much warmer temperatures just around the corner, we thought we would take an opportunity to recommend several beers that could quite possibly make this the perfect Indiana summer.

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    Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy

    Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy is the perfect beer to try this summer if you just so happen to have a bizarre and insatiable thirst for a mild beer “blended with lemonade” and “brewed with honey.” Yes, we know it sounds strange, but interestingly, the beer gains a little sweetness from the lemon without being heavy like other summer-style ales. And it only has a 4.5% ABV so, you won’t have to worry about your wife being mean to you after she has a couple.


    Harpoon Summer Beer

    Harpoon Summer Beer is a German-inspired light lager that doesn’t leave the aftertaste of copper in your mouth like some of its major brewery counterparts. We’re fans of this beer, specifically because it comes with the taste of summer without the added flavor of fruit. In other words, it’s a manly brew without a lot of alcohol -- 4.8% ABV. Side note: After about three of these, your wife could start to get a smart-mouth.


    Victory Summer Love Ale

    Victory Summer Love Ale is an American wheat beer brewed with the same spices and fruit flavoring that comes with Belgian-style wheat ales. This one comes with a bit more alcohol content at 5.2% ABV. According to the brewers website, this beer goes great with pizza, chicken and salads.

    Incidentally, four of these beers could cause your wife to hurt your feelings - real bad. Better cut her off at two!


    Anchor Summer Beer

    Anchor Summer Beer is another light wheat beer yet, it does not have a heavy taste of grains. This is more of a balanced Belgian-style ale that is extremely mild and could easily be paired with food like grilled chicken, fish and steak. However, be careful, because even though Anchor only comes with a modest 4.5% ABV, they go down relatively fast and easy. Yes, this beer has been known to cause a hangover.


    Narragansett Summer Ale

    Narragansett Summer Ale is a blonde brew that comes with a floral hop characteristic without being bitter like most IPA. With its low alcohol content (4.2% ABV), this beverage is a nice compliment to boating, baseball games, or just hanging out in the backyard.

    After four of these, we dare you to try to pronounce its name.