The 2013 West Side Nut Club Fall Festival is here! We all know it gets crazier and crazier every year. THIS year we want to see your pictures! Some people are excited for the food, while others are excited for the rides. Well, we’re excited for it all! We’re even more excited to share our experiences with you! While we’d love for you to stop and see us when we’re out, we’d LOVE for you to tag your pictures with #FallFestEvv on all social media sites you use. As the week goes on we will be pulling updates to feature in website posts among other posts and YOURS COULD BE ONE OF THEM!

We all use social media, and admit it, you will be posting A LOT of pictures, so make sure to tag us using #FallFestEvv for the chance to be featured in a post! We will also be taking our own photos as the week goes on so if you see us out and about, don’t be shy! We’d love to take pictures of you and your friends, you and your food, you with us or just YOU!

If you want to keep tabs on the photos we’re taking, you can find them below :) Don’t forget! #FallFestEvv

TSMEvansville's 2013 Fall Fest EVV album on Photobucket

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