One of my favorite place, sometimes, to get information and the days headlines is Twitter. I usually skim over the negativiity and scroll right on to the good stuff. It takes a lot of skimming to get to the positive and good information.

  1. He is confident in his own skin and has a positive body image.
  2. He embraces who he is and doesn't apologize for his gentle and kind natur.
  3. He is a devoted and loving spouse, often working right along side of his beloved.
  4. He deeply cares about children - their happinness AND their behavior. And, an amazing role model kids showing them how to behave and give to others as an adult.
  5. He brings millions of people together through the spirit of giving, kindness, love and peace.

I'm a huge fan of the big, jolly, bearded guy in the red. suit In fact, I know him personally. I used to work for Santa. Yep, I was one of Santa's elves. True story. :-)

Here are some of my favorite photos of me and Santa.

My Favorite Photos With Santa

This year, I won't be able to love on Santa like I normally would because we have to stay six feet apart. But, he knows that I think he's amazing and the bestest leader ever. May his spirit of kindness and joy help us end 2020 with more love in our hearts and caring in our souls. Peace.

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