Mayor Lloyd Winnecke announced which development company has been chosen to construct a new hotel/convention center in downtown Evansville. Winnecke was joined today by Ed Hafer, the president of the Evansville Redelopment Commission. He and Mayor Winnecke explained who they chose and why.

So which company was chosen? They are HCW out of Branson, Missouri. According to Hafer, they were “just a good fit” and they “really understood what we wanted to do.” Mayor Winnecke says HWC was the clear choice and the decision was unanimous.

Ed Hafer interview

We switched gears in the second segment today, and discussed the “Crime Free Multi-Housing” project. Officers Eric Krogman and Kevin Corbin from the EPD are leading the way on this, and were in the studio to explain what this project is all about.

Listen to the audio below and also follow the links below for even more information about Crime Free Mulit-Housing.

Interview with Officers Krogman and Corbin