On this week's show we get an update on Indiana University Medical School possibly coming to Evansville - and we learn about UNOE, or United Neighborhoods of Evansville. Here's your chance to catch the show in case you missed it.

Dr. Steven Becker, Director and Associate Dean for the Indiana University School of Medicine - Evansville, returns to Wednesdays With Winnecke to bring us up to speed on all things related to the IU Medical School project. Why do we need one in this region, why is it so important? What are some possible locations? What is the next step in the process? Dr. Becker addresses all of those questions in the segment below.

Dr. Becker interview



Our second guest this week was Charleen Williamson from United Neighborhoods of Evansville (UNOE). She tells us about this year's Sparkplug Banquet and UNOE in general. Listen to our interview below if you would like to know what UNOE does, or what to do if you'd like to get involved with the neighborhood association in your area.

Charleen Williamson interview