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As we approach Thanksgiving weekend, we wanted to spend an entire show spotlighting a couple different opportunities for you to donate some time and money to help those in need. Please listen to the show and see if you can get involved.

First up we talked about Wreaths Across America, a national movement that has, just in the past couple of years, made its way to Evansville. Cadet/Lt. Col. Sierra Parsons (pictured), from RiverCity Cadet Squadron, is one of the young people responsible for bringing this event to Evansville. She and Chris Cooke, Superintendent of Evansville Cemeteries discuss the December 14th event held at Oak Hill Cemetery. You can find more info at the local Wreaths Across America Facebook page, and HERE is where you can purchase a $15 wreath.

Wreaths Across America segment

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Next up we welcomed back Sandy Appler, Development Director for the Evansville Salvation Army. I'm sure you've already seen the Red Kettles around town - well now is the time for you to pick up one of those bells and help fill those kettles up! Listen as Sandy explains how that money is used and all of the life-changing services the Salvation Army provides. By the way, if you'd like to volunteer this Holiday season, call Sandy Appler at 812-425-1375 ext. 207.

Salvation Army segment