Vanderburgh County Consolidation – The Debate Continues
Consolidation vs. Ohm’s Law – Resistance to Change
By Jay Zimmer
Evansville has had a Mayor/Council form of government for as long as most of us can remember. Likewise, Vanderburgh County’s three-member commission, serving in the executive capacity, and its fiscal council is a deca…
Game Point for U.S. House?
ObamaCare on the block for the 33rd time
by Jay Zimmer
Ever since Lyndon Johnson and Medicare, many candidates for the White House have spouted rhetoric calling for a national health care plan that will include all Americans.
Win a Copy of Glenn Beck’s New Book ‘Cowards’
Over the past several years Glenn Beck has become one of the most talked about and most polarizing figures in the world of politics and talk radio. Recently the #1 New York Times bestselling author released a new book entitled "Cowards", and you now have the chance to win a copy.
Voters Say They’re ‘Bush’ed on the Economy
Voters Blame Obama Predecessor for Economic Crash
Many economists believe that an Administration’s economic policies can take as long as three to five years to “kick in” and have their effect on the national purse strings. A growing number of independent swing voters, not to mentio…

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