Voters Say They’re ‘Bush’ed on the Economy
Voters Blame Obama Predecessor for Economic Crash
Many economists believe that an Administration’s economic policies can take as long as three to five years to “kick in” and have their effect on the national purse strings. A growing number of independent swing voters, not to mentio…
We’ve Got Updated Election Coverage Here
Keep listening this evening for continued coverage of the 2012 Primary Election. We will have Jay Zimmer and Gene Stewart providing two updates each hour. If you miss any of those updates, you can get all of the audio right here.
All of our coverage tonight is sponsored by Schultheis Insurance...
Primary Day in Indiana: Where to go to Vote
Today is primary day in Indiana and hopefully by this point in the day you have gotten out there and cast your all important vote. If you haven’t you still have some time this evening after you get off work.
If you do not know where you can go to vote, here is a list of all 23 voting centers po…
Get Out Today and Vote!
Don't miss your opportunity to have your voice heard today. Get out and vote in the 2012 Primary Election. Below is a list of all available voting locations.

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