February is Black History Month - and in observance of the African-American culture, the Kentucky Historical Society has released a new smart phone app dedicated to taking users on an informative ride along the technological railroad, in hopes of educating the masses about the history of slavery in the Bluegrass state.

The app is called “ExploreKYHistory,” and with it, users can explore many different smartphone tours including the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, the War of 1812, and wealth of other historical attractions. The “Explore KY’s Slavery and Emancipation History” portion of the app gives users a detailed history into the significant people and chain of events that shaped the commonwealth’s heritage.

President Abraham Lincoln was adamant that Kentucky was a crucial part in the Union effort, and ultimately, Kentuckians were instrumental in both fighting to keep and abolish slavery – the 13th Amendment outlawed slavery 1865.

The ExploreKYHistory app provides detailed information regarding slaves, abolitionists, politicians and soldiers, and is a helpful resource for those interested in Kentucky history. “Instead of people going down the road and seeing a random marker, we’re trying to connect them to each other and to the history of Kentucky,” said Becky Riddle, the Kentucky historical marker coordinator.” We give a lot of background information, the bigger story.”

Taking the “Explore KY’s Slavery and Emancipation History” tour provides users with stories of famous people, places, newspaper articles, letters and photos, including a glimpse into the life of the man who inspired Uncle Tom’s Cabin and a wild look at the operatives behind the Underground Railroad.

You can download the app here.