My kiddo is sick today... like the kind sick where all she wants to do is lay around and watch TV. I've had enough Peppa Pig so I found a movie. One of my favorites is The Good Dinosaur. We've seen it about a dozen times but that's okay - I still laugh and cry!

As I worked and had it playing in the background, I started thinking about the behind-the-scenes commentary I watched about it a while back. It is based in Montana/Wyoming area and I wondered if T-Rexs really lived in the USA (especially in Indiana).

So, I looked it up...

According to Paleontologist and Natural Science Curator Dallas Evans at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis, "Dinosaur fossils aren't found in Indiana! You can blame the glaciers for that. It‘s very likely that dinosaurs once lived here. Unfortunately the bedrock and sediments that may have contained their fossils were obliterated long ago. Massive glaciers came into the state and scraped, gouged and eroded layers upon layers of rock. The grinding action of these glaciers removed the evidence of entire geologic periods in Indiana."

But, we can thank the glaciers for bringing some other amazing animals to the Hoosier State. states, "Indiana is best known for two things: its small invertebrate fossils that originated all the way back in the Paleozoic Era, and the mega-fauna mammals that roamed this state on the cusp of the modern era." So, Indiana was home to mammoths, mastodons, giant bears, giant sloths, and other giants!

There are t-rex and other dinosaur fossils found in the Amercican west (especially around Montana and Wyomming) so it's entirely possible that the King of dinosaurs found his way Indiana. But, there's just no way to know for sure. Until then, you can visit his remains and learn more about dinos at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

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