The Internet is abuzz with a potential new fad that is sure to anger people.

A 16-year-old girl working the register at a Wendy's in Austin, Texas was recently smacked in the face by a prankster pulling a stunt called 'smack cam.' Basically, the suspect walked into the restaurant and appeared to order some food before leaning over the counter and smacking Calaybra Jones in the face.

The suspect (along with an accomplice) then took off running to a car that looks as if it's being driven by an adult. The video, which you can see above (featuring some NSFW language), surfaced on YouTube.

Calaybra said the incident surprised her:

Two young kids came in. They pretended like they were going to order. The first kid, he went out and came back. And I couldn't hear what he was saying so I leaned in and the next thing I know, I got hit. I was embarrassed, I was sad, I was angry, just all types of emotions overcame me."


Police are investigating this crime, which is kind of variation on the knockout game.
"We want names to be revealed," Calybra said. "We need help so that these kids know that it's not right to do that to anyone. And the driver, they should be punished as well...because they're helping these little kids do something like that."

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