People love the Fall season for a number of reasons - cooler weather (and the fashion that goes with it), pumpkin spiced everything, friggin' football season, and the changing of the leaves.

Before they fall off the trees and become a huge pain in the butt for homeowners everywhere, the once-green leaves transform into a beautiful rainbow of autumnal colors. It really is beautiful to see the variety of shapes and colors, especially here in the Tri-State where trees and foliage are so abundant.

Brown County, Indiana is home to some of the most beautiful views in the state, and tourism officials there want to share that view with anyone and everyone who wants to see it. That's where the 'Leaf Cam' comes in to play. This special camera, mounted high above a beautiful overlook, offers visitors an ongoing view of the vibrant colors of Brown County. The Leaf Cam images are automatically updated every 15 minutes.

The leaves should slowly start to change colors over the next several weeks. Officials say mid-October is usually the peak season for those colors, although weather can affect that timeline. Keep an eye on that fall foliage below.

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