How does one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time follow up his second Super Bowl win? By smashing eggs on his head with Magic Johnson and Jimmy Fallon of course!

Peyton Manning was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night as part of his, let's say, "Super Bowl Afterglow" tour, where he an Jimmy discussed the game and Eli Manning's lack of reaction after the Broncos scored what would be the game winning touchdown. Later in the show, they were joined by former NBA and Michigan State star, Magic Johnson, where the two faced off in one of Fallon's favorite games, "Egg Russian Roulette".

The rules are simple. There are a dozen eggs. Eight of them are hard-boiled, four are raw. Combatants select an egg, then smash it against their head. The first to smash two raw eggs is the loser. Here's how it went down.

While Fallon didn't question Manning about his post-Super Bowl plans (i.e. retirement), Johnson made comments during his interview that he was trying to talk Manning out of retirement to come play one more season with the L.A. Rams. Johnson later corrected himself when again mentioning his desire to have Manning in L.A. saying "if" the QB decides to play one more season, he'd like to see him suit up in blue and yellow.

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