Randy Lanham is the Educational Director at the International Bluegrass Music Museum. He is also a professional musician. Along with teaching music lessons, and performing at events, he is also very involved with Volunteer Owensboro.

Club Volunteer kicks off on September 14th. This club comes alongside of Non-Profits in our community and helps with any need the organization may have. They also support many of these non-profits with free services, such as video, PSA's, live music at events, etc. This club is also focused on creating and implementing various programs that help identify needs and encourage engagement.

The club will meet once a week for 7 weeks around 6 PM at some of the following Non-Profits:

-St Benedict's Homeless Shelter
- Wendell Foster Campus for Developmental Disabilities
- Working Hands Food and Clothing Pantry
- Owensboro Center Nursing Home
- Habitat for Humanity

Club Volunteer fee is $25 per club member and $15 for additional immediate family members. A background check is required for all club members at no additional charge.

What happens the first week? Will the Volunteers need training?

The first week will consist of training and preparing you to know what to expect. At that time, you will get your Club Volunteer t-shirt and the schedule for the next 6 weeks of the club experience.

The last week is a follow up where we will share our experience and each member will get a certificate of completion. The club this spring will run two groups and is limited to 40 people so please fill out the signup form below and submit your payment so we can reserve your spot.

Don't forget the Lanham Brothers Jamboree is Volunteer Owensboro's big Fundraiser event enjoyed by our community. Mark your calendars for the Fundraiser Christmas show December 9th at Diamond Lake Theater.

Randy loves my exercise segment! The exercise he demonstrates will strengthen the back, spine, glutes and hips. Start out with 5 repetitions and go at your own pace. Try to do this bridge exercise daily, your body will thank you!

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