From Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke's Office

The LST 325 is headed back to Evansville after it's annual summer cruise. It departed from Chattanooga, TN earlier this week and expected to be back by Sunday afternoon. Chris Donahue, a member of the USS LST Ship Memorial Committee, said LST 325 will sail past Downtown Henderson and the Dog Town Boat Ramp before reaching the Downtown Evansville riverfront at approximately 1:30pm on Sunday. Mayor Lloyd Winnecke will be at Dress Plaza to watch the ship’s arrival and encourages the public to join him in waving to the crew as the ship returns to her dock near Marina Pointe.

LST 325 set sail from Evansville on August 31 for its annual summer fundraising tour. The ship was well received in Decatur, AL, setting a weekend attendance record, before continuing on to Chattanooga on the Tennessee River. The ship registered more than 18,000 visitors in Decatur and more than 23,000 in Chattanooga, for a total over 41,000 visitors in two weeks. The annual summer trips are part of the mission of the USS LST Ship Memorial Board to maintain the ship as a moveable museum to honor and celebrate the courage and bravery of those who served aboard LSTs during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

LST 325 will resume public tours on Monday, September 23. For more information on the LST 325, or to follow the ship’s return journey home live online, visit the USS LST Ship Memorial website at