Dr. Ralph Thacker, DMD

Dr. Thacker of Thacker Riverside Dental has always had the heart to serve. He credits this to both of his God-fearing parents who raised him to love the Lord and to love people. His early curiosity and interest in biology, nature, science, taxidermy, and watercolor painting, paved the way to his profession as a dentist. Becoming a dentist and helping people achieve a winning smile takes a certain level of skilled artistry and knowledge of science and anatomy.

Dr. Thacker's greatest joy as a dentist is being able to help his patients change their life. The end result is a transforming smile and good oral health. He and his wife Diane, along with a skilled office staff, work in his dentistry practice in Livermore, KY. His goal is to make people feel comfortable from the time they talk to the receptionist on the phone, till they walk in the door ready to spend time in his dental chair. Dr. Thacker welcomes people to his practice and considers his patients part of his family.

Dr. Ralph Thacker
Dr. Ralph Thacker

Christian Dental Mission of Daviess & McLean Counties in Western KY

On the flip side, some people find themselves needing a dentist but because of their circumstances cannot afford a dental visit much less a cosmetic appliance.

When Dr. Thacker and several other dentists in Owensboro, KY, came together to discuss what they could do to help those less fortunate with their oral health, the Christian Dental Clinic took root. Years later, the clinic is still helping those who face financial difficulty taking care of their oral health. The Baptist Association of Owensboro also helps with finances and cosmetic appliance costs. Dr. Thacker and his wife Diane are monthly volunteers serving alongside each other at the Christian Mission Clinic where all services are free.

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How Do You Request Free Care from Christian Dental Mission of Daviess & McLean Counties in Western KY?

Owensboro residents needing the assistance of our Christian Dental Mission need to apply at the Help Office of Owensboro, 1316 West 4th Street. The phone number is  270-685-4971.

 McLean County residents, the McLean County Help Office accepts applications on Mon and Thurs only (9am to 12 noon). 225 Hill Street, Livermore, KY. The phone number is 270-278-5500.

To Donate to the Christian Dental Mission

Services are provided free to the patients. Everyone they encounter at the Clinic are volunteers. However, to provide the needed dental supplies, it takes a lot of money. If you would like to donate to the Christian Dental Mission. Please send your donation to: Christian Dental Mission c/o Daviess - McLean Baptist Association 1003 Scherm Road Owensboro, KY 42301

As Dr. Thacker likes to say, "You don't have to brush your teeth –just the ones you want to keep! He suggests that we brush our teeth after every meal and floss before bedtime.

We are all here for a short time on earth. Let's spend the time we have helping others.

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