Downtown Evansville has seen a major transformation over the past several years. From being not much more than an afterthought to a spot in the Tri-State where residents can find a variety of dining and entertainment options. I spent part of a recent Saturday night in downtown Evansville and was really impressed with the number of people strolling up and down the Main Street Walkway popping in and out of businesses and restaurants. Heck, there was even a band playing on the rooftop of one of the buildings next door to the radio station inside the Fifth Third Bank building.

As great of a job as the Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District has done over the years to make this part of the city a place people want to go, there's always room for improvement, as they say, and representatives are giving you the chance to tell them what you would what type of features or activities you would like to see added to the area.

The group has posted a 10 question survey online that asks for your input. Questions range from multiple choice options on what you think they should prioritize, whether that's working to make the area more visually appealing, recruiting more businesses to the area, or the creation and promotions of community events, to how you think they should market the area to draw more people into checking it out. There's also a place where you can comment with a more specific answers than those provided.

So, if you've ever thought there's a particular business or activity that would be perfect for this part of our city, jump over to the survey and let them know.

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